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Chaya Spector
Bookkeeping Services

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I have worked with Chaya through two different nonprofits. In both cases she offered solid expertise,
reliability, integrity, adapted to the culture and needs of the organization, and worked with us to create
a customized service that also maximized the use of the limited resources we had.
I would happily hire Chaya again. Personable, Good Value, High Integrity
. Jovida Ross, Destiny Arts and San Francisco Women's Building

Chaya's assistance with the bookkeeping of a large apartment complex has been just wonderful - She seamlessly keeps me on track, fixes all my problems with QuickBooks, and works very well with my accountant during the annual tax work. I don't know what I would do without her help and guidance. Kit Ratcliff, Davis Townhouse LLP

Chaya, who has been the bookkeeper for our law firm for more than fifteen years, has been extremely thorough as well as unfailingly reliable. She's also a terrific person! Richard Goodman, Goodman and Levine LLP

I strongly recommend Chaya Spector; she is knowledgeable, experienced, accurate and efficient. Chaya's bookkeeping skills made running the office efficiently very easy for me to do. I relied on her opinions and recommendations with complete confidence. She saved my sanity many times over the years. She could figure out what we missed quickly and efficiently and always with a smile. I appreciated Chaya's professionalism, her listening skills, and her helpful guidance and advice. She was always thorough, patient and easy to work with. Ruth C. Critchfield, Critchfield Management Services

Chaya Spector has been invaluable to my small business for many years, giving exceptional service that I depend on for all my bookkeeping needs. Professional and personable. I simply wouldn't do without her. Bruce Ackerman, Ackerman's Serving Volvos

For me, as a person who English is a second language the clarity of her training showed me that I could explore on my own. Her training gave me the confidence to try things on my own' Her "team work", involving me with what she was doing, helped me to understand more and enabled me to read the numbers on our financial statements and know not only what they mean but where they came from.Randa Messih, Office Manager, Northgate Environmental Management Inc.

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